Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting older

You might consume a lot of your valuable time on earth trying to get
your way. Will Rodgers said, it is a proven fact, there is only two ways to
argue with a woman, it is also a proven fact, that neither works. If you win
a hard fought argument with your spouse, you will lose in the end, no body
likes a "Know it All". Any argument boils down to the possibility of two
conclusions, only one of the participants is right or neither. You should
not try to conform people to your idea of what is right. No one has the
right to change your opinion, opinions are like in-laws, you may not like
some of them but they are still your in-laws. My Daddy lived to be 97, I
think he stayed busy trying to stay alive, so he could intentionally miss
some people's funerals he didn't like. There will always be people you don't
like, never tell them though, keep them wondering. Don't try to listen in on
someone else's whispering, they don't want you to hear it and you will
probably sleep better by not hearing. Don't try to change your spouse,
that's like buying a Ford and changing all the emblems to read Chevrolet,
it's still gonna be a Ford.

As I get older I find I can afford less friends. People who can't
stand you will never try to borrow things from you, that is certainly a
plus. People borrow things mostly because it's cheaper than buying things,
that is just an economic fact. If you don't have many friends, it could be
because you are too cheap to buy your own things. I would never borrow
anything from someone I don't like, if he's dead, I won't hesitate to borrow
from his wife. Usually your friends wife won't like you, don't worry about
that, it's usually because word got back to her that you said, he could have
done better. People who lie a lot are much more interesting than habitual
truth tellers. There is nothing more boring than the truth, that's a
scientific fact. Make sure your friends are uglier than you are. It
increases your chances of making out. I gotta go try to impress somebody, as
you get older that gets harder too.....................tom

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