Thursday, December 29, 2011

I could'nt live alone,

I would die of thirst. Everyday my wife tells me, "Isn't it a little early to start drinking beer". I don't have a clue
when beer drinking time should start. Women know, but they won't tell us how they found out. I tried to Google it, they didn't know either. If I lived alone I would have a lot of food to throw out, I suppose I'm too use to cooking for two. I do most of the cooking, all my wife wants to cook is healthy food. No, wonder all these health addicts looks so emaciated and colorless.

I'm glad I'm 76, our Congress has already gave away all the Social Security trust fund money to welfare. Since they don't have any more of our money to give away, now they are giving out tax breaks. The part they never explain is the tax break are taken from the Social Security fund.

I feel sorry for China and all the hard working Chinese people. Our Congress keeps borrowing their money and giving it to us so we can buy cheap stuff from China. There is no way in HELL we will ever be able to pay them back. There are 535 people in Congress that caused all this mess, make them pay it back. Well, I suppose I'm through with this lesson on economics for today, study hard it will be on the test next week.

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