Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Had to go to the doctor the other day for my yearly. After the test
came back my doctor said I had a rare malady. It looks like I have a bad
infestation of termites, he said it was rare in humans. More test showed I
was eating too much fiber. I had told my doctor earlier that I couldn't bend
my joints as well as I did some time back. Too much fiber will build up you
know. I have never ate any fiber that tasted good. You can tell people who
are fiber addicts, they can't bend over. As you get older you might cut down
on the number of friends you have. I have all of them I can afford right
now, being retired and penniless. I suppose I'm getting like Merle Haggard,
the only thing I can count on these days is my fingers.

Congress has spent all our money, giving it away and selling
moonshine for three dollars a gallon. Let me explain. Some air-head in
Congress came up with the idea to make moonshine (ethanol) out of our corn
and sell it for the same price as gasoline. At first you would say no farmer
is going to use his corn to make moonshine and sell it for the same as gas
prices. Oh yea of little faith, it works great if we subsidize the farmer
and pay him the difference. President Reagan said the most feared eight
words on earth is, "We're from the Government and here to help". One of the
reasons I became a Christian is so when I die, I won't have to live with
Congressmen anymore.

I'm often not politically correct and won't strive to improve. Being
politically correct will have you saying things that you know is untrue and
brainless. Example, undocumented workers are really undocumented Democrats.
My Brother Slick said a friend of his told him one that he wanted to marry
Slick's wife and she wanted a divorce. Feller said he didn't know if his
finances could afford a wife though. Slick told him, "I'll help with yawl
with your light bill". I was raised in a poor section of Mississippi, we
didn't know the depression was over until 1950. Gotta Go...T

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