Friday, April 13, 2012


Tom Maddox, Biloxi, Ms
In a mall one day, the store about the size of two football fields. I ask this lady
where the men's department was. She didn't know, only worked there two
years. She did explain that I would certainly not find it in the
women's Green Blouse Department. She pointed out a lady about 1/2 mile
away, told me her name was Teresa, and she was here when the store
opened. Teresa look dumb founded and a little embarrassed, I thought.
She told me to go back by the men's restroom there use to be some
men's stuff in a paste board box by the door.
It was empty except, 2 rather large jump-suits, lime green. Is there a law
somewhere that says, when men retire they must wear jump-suits and sit
on benches in malls. If not, there are a lot of women who are telling
their husbands an outright lie. Too much of this going on to be a
coincidence. The bright jump-suits makes it easy to find their other
half, I suppose. No wonder we have so few clothes, it's hard to shop
from a bench in a mall, in a lime green jump-suit.

This is a true store, not to give the impression that any
lying has been going on. In a mall, Meridian Ms. I found a shirt 75%
off. Told the young guy at the register (looked 8 years old), about how I
was getting this shirt for 1/4 what it was worth. He looked at it and
said, it was hard to sell a shirt that looked like that. I don't know
for sure but lime green shirts could be out of vogue these days. I
don't keep up with those things.
Got to go hook up the Casita travel trailer and get ready to roll.
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